I am a Portrait Artist.

I have searched and scoured, leaving no stone unturned. I have slowed down, hurried up, spent money, hours and countless daydreams trying to fulfill the unfulfilled. For months the question would remain unanswered: Why could I not recreate the same motivation I once had for my photography business? Then, one spring day the answer became so clear to me that it might as well have been written in sharpie across my face. The creative journey which was once all consuming had evolved. No longer could I find joy in the creative process of portraiture when the process itself was incomplete.

I found myself spending countless hours on my computer, editing dozens of images that may not ever see the likes of a wall or pages in an album. There was no standard or inspection for the result – and probably the most ungratifying of all was not knowing which images were loved the most. I never would see the expression on the faces of my clients when they saw their portraits or watched their video for the first time. The happiness that I enjoy giving so very much was left up to my imagination. Not to mention the lackluster quality of most vendors that are available to the public, especially those without the knowledge to properly format an image size in Photoshop. From time to time I would see prints made by clients – and made it a point to personally order from local print labs and Groupon discounts to find out exactly what a $19 canvas and a $0.14 print actually looks like. The results?  – If you’ve ever compared a leather jacket to a vinyl table cloth you’ll understand.

So there it was. The answer I had so longed to acquire was looking right back at me. The creative evolution would begin with the two things that bring me the most joy: photography and design. Over the years, my own home has become an art gallery of my most cherished portraits. I’ve been through phases of giant canvases, tiny prints and everything in between. I would run out of wall space, move around furniture, paint, order new stuff and repeat! Although the process has been painstaking for my drywall, the epiphany was worth every drop of spackle!

I have struggled for quite awhile in an effort to find vendors that best fit my style and vision. At the end of the day, I do not want to sell anything to my clients that I do not feel is unique, beautiful, timeless or functional. I want deeply for my clients to experience an exquisite product, adorned with the faces of those they love the most. I hope those happy memories staring back at them will fill their hearts up again and again each time they walk by. What could possibly be more fulfilling than that?

As of today, I am no longer a download artist, I am a Portrait Artist and I can’t wait for you to experience your life in print.

Yakima Fine Art Photography


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